Society of Manufacturing Engineers Bets on Digital: Tooling U-SME released Knowledge Edge in response to the constant need for reliable information. Knowledge Edge is an industry-validated content and information resource online. SME director, Jeannine Kunz, says that while the internet offers endless information, much of it is not validated and therefore cannot be trusted. Knowledge Edge offers a vast selection of information from over one-thousand e-books and chapters, 700 videos and clips, and over fifteen-thousand technical papers. Knowledge Edge enables organizations and businesses to access a formalized learning process that can be learned at any time at any place.

Some Knowledge Edge Features:

  • Constant content availability.
  • Ability to concentrate search engine results to the most relevant pieces.
  • Ability to choose what format type of information.
  • Playlists. Playlists allow for learners to group together their favorite pieces for easier accessibility.
  • Prevents “information overload” by means of backing research with tried and true practices.

Kunz also claims that Knowledge Edge is an innovative system that will be an important addition to training and development for manufacturers as well as the up and coming workforce. Knowledge Edge is a subscription based service.

SME company Tooling U is the top developer of online training for manufacturing. Tooling U offers access to over four hundred online classes. SME, or the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, is the top source for manufacturing knowledge. SME is a leader in manufacturing workforce development issues and offers support to the current and future skilled workforce.