The AWRF Accreditation Program is an exciting, new, and completely voluntary opportunity for all member companies and their affiliated branches. Using the current revision of our AWRF RP&G “Recommended Practice for the Operation of Sling Shops” as a basis for evaluation, LEEA (our third-party auditing partner), will work with interested member companies to ensure adherence to the AWRF RP&G. Member companies interested in the AWRF Accreditation Program are encouraged to sign up below.

Once a member company successfully completes the audit, they will then be able to market themselves as an AWRF Accredited Member, which includes the use of the AWRF Accreditation logo that has been developed. Additionally, many benefits that LEEA members enjoy will be made available to AWRF member companies that are enrolled, and successfully complete the audit process.

The goal of this program is to ensure safer sling shop operation, to drive more business to AWRF member companies, and to help them win more market share via this accreditation – ultimately adding value to being an AWRF member.

Frequently Asked Questions

$1,500 per year, for as long as your company wants to retain the accreditation. Follow up audits for participating companies are conducted every 3 years.

The audit will only cover products and services that are produced or originate from the Member Company Site being audited, that are part of the AWRF Quality Survey and the RP&G for Operation of Sling Shops.
Yes, but ONLY if that audit area is for product fabricated on site, at the Member company facility.
Information will be collected ahead of the physical visit. Any areas of concern will be addressed ahead of the visit, and Member Companies will be assisted and coached through the process.
The accreditation is valid for three years, with annual visits and check-ups. The program fee is paid annually to remain part of the program.

All audits are privately protected until the member passes the inspection. No one but the AWRF Office has access to companies going through the audit process.

An audit must be completed for each individual location.

The AWRF Accreditation Program is not the same as being a LEEA accredited member. If you are a LEEA member, you should still proceed via the same AWRF Accreditation Program processes as non-LEEA members.

Get to Know Our Auditor Robert Wilson

Although Scottish by birth, now located in the North of England. Married to Helen, with 2 grown up kids. Robert has been in the lifting industry since 1982, with a Wire Rope/Lifting Equipment background. Robert manages the Global Member Engagement Services team at LEEA and oversees all membership matters, including applications, audits and events. Robert has conducted LEEA audits within North/South America region for the past 7 years.


  • Marketing to end users with Program Credentials/Site Accreditation
  • Access to LEEA technical guidance documents and online training
  • Permitted use of a co-branded AWRF/LEEA Logo
  • Access to LEEA technical answer center for submitted questions

Our team takes pride in the products we provide and the people, operations and assets that make it happen.  When AWRF decided to offer this Accreditation Program we decided to jump on it.  AWRF has provided us with great technical information and support over our many years of membership.  This technical information is a part of our quality program that has helped us succeed.  Having a third party come in and audit our operations is a welcomed challenge, and that process also elevates us.

Our team is proud to have passed the AWRF Accreditation Program.  I think it’s a great addition to AWRF offerings.

John Fireovid, CEO at Fulcrum Lifting

The third-party audit and accreditation is significant beyond AWRF membership—and it is important to know the difference. Membership alone brings a lot of benefits but simply being a member of a trade association doesn’t prove that you abide by its recommended best practices. It’s the difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.

In three to five years, this program will be the benchmark in our industry. End users of rigging products will demand that they are produced by an AWRF Accredited Member and there will be a clear quality benchmark between those that can comply and those that cannot.

Justin Brown, President at Unirope

We are thrilled to announce that our great team at SWOS has successfully passed an audit performed by LEEA which includes us among the first members into AWRF’s Accreditation Program. This accreditation further validates the SWOS brand, our commitment to safety, quality products, and our reputation as an industry-leading rigging shop that truly focuses on synthetic fiber solutions.

Whitney Baker, General Manager at SWOS

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