The association supports the work of 12 volunteer AWRF operational committees who serve the industry and the membership by performing assigned tasks within the scope of our purpose statements. The committee operations are funded by annual budget allocations. The work and achievements of 12 operational committees involves many hours of effort by dozens of volunteers in service to our industry. When committee meetings are called, volunteers attend at their own expense. Each committee is reconstituted annually when a new chairman is named by the AWRF President. After accepting the assignment, the new chairman forms his committee from volunteers. Anyone interested in serving on a committee should make the President or the AWRF office aware of the interest.

AWRF Officers

Chief Executive

Jeff Gilbert

General Counsel

J. Barry Epperson
Attorney at Law

918-640-5773 or 918-633-4065


Justin Brown
Unirope Limited

Vice President

Mike Poroo


Celena Moses
VanBeest USA


Paul DeMattie
Kito Crosby

Board of Directors

Term Ending 2024

Terry Driscoll [R]

John Sakach Company of St. Louis
Granite City, IL

Charlie Jaques [R]

Advantage Sales & Supply
Ridgway, PA

Brian Dewey [R]

All-Lifts, Inc.
Albany, NY

John Fireovid [R]

Fulcrum Lifting – Kentuckiana Wire Rope
Jeffersonville, IN

Term Ending 2025

Debra Cushman [R]

Cascade Rigging
Clackamas, OR

Hugh Yoder [R]

Carpenter Rigging Group
San Francisco, CA

Jeff Ferchen [M]

The Caldwell Group
Rockford, IL

Jeff Martarella [M]

Nelson Wire Rope Corp.
Hatfield, PA

Term Ending 2026

Aaron Bohnert [R]

Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling
Corpus Christi, TX

Keith Shepherd [C]

DCL Mooring & Rigging
New Orleans, LA

Curt Jabben [M]

Associated Wire Rope & Rigging
Playa del Rey, CA

Kelly Jones [S]

Holland Nameplate
Kansas City, MO

Frank Arellano [M]

Washington Wire Rope
Houston, TX