AWRF’s 12 Operational Committees

Chair: Barry Epperson, Legal Counsel

Purpose: All AWRF members are required to provide the Association with some form of evidence showing they maintain Products Liability Insurance Coverage. The work of the Insurance Committee is governed by conditions of insurance availability in the industry. Trends and ideas about insurance are studied to help members to keep abreast of needs. The Legal Resources function was established to gather information about litigation problems experienced by members and to advise members about current techniques to minimize litigation costs.

Chair: Terry Driscoll
Mazzella Companies
Granite City, IL

Alternate: Emily Wagner

Purpose: To be responsible to AWRF Board of Directors and Association Executive for preparation and presentation of General Meeting Programs.

Chair: Aaron Bohnert

Alternate: Frank Arellano

Purpose: To obtain as many qualified members as possible while also focusing on membership retention.

Chair: John Fireovid

Alternate: Hugh Yoder

Purpose: To promote, administer and enhance the AWRF sponsored scholarship award program.

Frank Arellano – Q

Celena Moses – H

Charlie Jaques – S

Kelly Jones – E

Alternates (liaisons to Technical Committee – Q):

Jeff Gilbert – Chief Executive, AWRF – Novi, MI

Knut Buschmann – Unirope Limited – Mississauga, ON

Chair: Jeff Ferchen

Alternate: Deb Cushman

Purpose: To actively promote the AWRF brand to its members & end users in the material handling industry and to promote the different committee activities through various media outlets. Committee news & updates will be communicated via the AWRF website, email, blogs, and various social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. A secondary benefit would be to differentiate between doing business with what an AWRF member can offer in terms of value, versus competitors, through various social media and web-based platforms.

Chair: Jeff Martarella

Alternate: Kelly Jones & Robert Bairstow Jr. 

Purpose: The purpose of this committee is to capture the changes in the lifting, rigging and load securement industry, by preserving literature, parts and an open journal for documentation of experiences by members as technology advances.

Chair: Nick Gladue & Doug Stitt

Alternate: Tom Hudgins

Purpose: The purpose of the Past Presidents Advisory Council is to advise the President and the Board of Directors.

Chair: Tim Klein

Vice Chair: Bob Cushman

To acquire, preserve and disseminate technical information and new product information within the industry, to send a representative to any standards writing or technical organization deemed necessary, and to establish technical information by conducting test when appropriate.

Chair: AWRF Executive Board

Alternate: Jeff Gilbert

Chair: Curt Jabben

Purpose: The Convention Committee chooses the sites for future general meetings and provides guidance on hotel selection.

Chair: J. Barry Epperson
Attorney at Law
Tulsa, OK

Alternate: Jeff Gilbert
Chief Executive, AWRF
Novi, MI

Purpose: To develop and administer an effective government affairs program with involvement of all members of the association.

In addition to the work and achievements of AWRF’s operational committees, volunteers also serve the association on seven functional committees for the conduct of association business, These are:

AWRF’s Functional Committees

Chair: Curt Jabben

Alternate: Keith Shepherd

Purpose: To be responsible to AWRF Board of Directors and Association Executive for preparation and presentation of Product Information Exhibition Programs.

Chair: Keith Shepherd

Alternate: Charlie Jaques

Purpose: To make annual appraisals of the way the association is operated.

Chair: Mike Poroo

Alternate: PP Advisory Council

Chair: Patrick Shire

Alternate: PP Advisory Council

Purpose: To seek out and present for election qualified members who have a genuine interest in the association along with the ability to commit the necessary time and resources to help guide the association for a three-year term.

Chair: Celena Moses

Alternate: Mike Poroo

Purpose: To provide the Board of Directors with the accurate and timely financial reports.

Chair: Deb Cushman

Co-Chair: Jeff Ferchen

Purpose: The primary purpose of the Communications Committee is to enhance the Associations means of distributing information amongst its Board, Committees, Members and the Public. A secondary purpose is to advertise the benefits of doing business with an AWRF member through print or electronic media.

Chair: Hugh Yoder

Purpose: To coordinate a variety of sporting activities which will foster good will and fellowship among AWRF members.