Our Association was formed in 1975 and incorporated the following year by a group of concerned businessmen who felt there was a need for sling fabricators and special rigging components manufacturers to join together to form a trade association. Originally created by representatives from nine companies in the United States, in two decades the organization grew to address the needs of over 400 member companies worldwide.

AWRF promotes interests common among companies manufacturing, fabricating, or distributing lifting, rigging and load securement devices made of chain, rope, and synthetic products. The association works to establish, acquire, preserve, and disseminate various technical information, and encourages the development of safety standards and programs, and product identification procedures. Assistance has been provided for establishing and maintaining adequate products liability insurance, as well as other insurance needs of the industry. Common problems and purposes of the industry, such as those involving production, distribution, service and safety are reviewed and advanced by lawful means on a regular basis.

We conduct two general membership meetings each year which feature speakers on economics, safety, regulation, product knowledge, current legislation and other pertinent subjects. Panels discuss problems of concern for the small business owner. AWRF supports the activities of standing committees which address subjects such as safety, insurance, technical matters, testing, government affairs, tagging and identification. Our AWRF quarterly newsletter, SLINGMAKERS, keeps all members abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

AWRF sends delegates to participate in the activities of other associations such as ASTM, ASME, CVSA, as well as The Wire Rope Technical Board, and we maintain ALPHA Projects, dialogs on matters of common concern, with other trade and technical organizations such as The National Association of Chain Manufacturers, The Cordage Institute, The Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association, LEEA, OIPEEC and The Construction Safety Association of Ontario.

Our mission statement is adapted from the By-Laws of the Association. It clearly defines the intent and direction of Associated Wire Rope Fabricators and is as follows:

  • To promote interests common among companies manufacturing, fabricating, or distributing lifting, rigging and load securement devices, including other integral components of wire rope, chain and synthetic products
  • To establish, acquire, preserve and disseminate technical information within the lifting, rigging and load securement industry
  • To encourage the development of safety standards for manufacturing, fabrication and distribution of lifting, rigging and load securement devices, and to promote suggested safety programs and procedures applicable to the industry
  • To suggest, promote and distribute safety programs, procedures and materials applicable to the industry workplace
  • To establish product identification procedures directly related to the industry
  • To assist in establishing and maintaining adequate products liability insurance, as well as other insurance needs for the industry
  • To consider and deal with common problems of the industry, such as those involving production, distribution and service
  • To advance, by all lawful means, the common purposes of the industry
  • To promote mutual respect, good will and confidence through integrity and efficient service
  • To provide sound advice, counsel and service to the customer in selection of materials and manufactured goods best suited for the application
  • To encourage appropriate recognition of the contributions to business by management, the customer, the investor and the general public
  • To participate in the civic and political process

The members of Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF) recognize a responsibility to promote ethical business practices within the industry. In pursuit of that goal, the Association hereby adopts the following principles and guidelines:

  • To dedicate ourselves to individual agreements with customers and suppliers
  • To create an atmosphere of trust in which our companies and our customers can thrive
  • To generally understand and observe all phases of the law dealing with business practices of international and domestic exchanges, including proper identification and marking of all products
  • To avoid deceptive or unlawful statements, promises or testimonials which may mislead customers or the general public
  • To resist all efforts to prohibit the free exchange of ideas and information, other than those subjects prohibited by the antitrust laws
  • To conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times and to represent AWRF, our industry and our companies to the best of our ability
AWRF has adopted a code of ethics, and a guide to the antitrust laws of the United States. We retain legal counsel to guide the actions of a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the membership at large. A business office has been established as the communications center of the industry. Our aim is to keep the highest possible quality of service to the lifting, rigging, and load securement industry.

The professionals who are members of AWRF are constantly striving to maintain the highest standards of quality and service obtainable in the industry. There are many advantages for a firm that joins and actively participates in our association. Most important, the consumer that avails himself of services and supplies from an AWRF member company can feel secure that he is purchasing from a professional firm which is striving for excellence.