AWRF Lift-It Manufacturing a leading supplier of slings and rigging has achieved another production milestone, supplying very demanding applications that were not only massive, but “out of this world”. Previously, the largest, heavy duty, cargo nets fabricated by Lift-it production experts were 25 ft. x 25 ft. nets used to lift a 50,000 Lbs. historic object in the Hawaiian Islands. Following in the “Island” theme, a refinery in Trinidad and Tobago presented us with an even larger challenge. The requirement called for a 34 ft. x 34 ft. Barrier Net which when completed included 29 Lbs. of thread! The products manufactured by Lift-it are done with quality, pride and integrity. We provided tie down assemblies for the Orion Lunar Mission. The tie down assemblies featured high performance webbing and supported the inflatable bags that absorbed the impact of the landing. Visit to receive our NEW 500 page Resource Guide and to view the details of upcoming training opportunities and other custom designed products.

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