Etiflex is a proud member of AWRF, and we were excited to hear more at the Fall 2014 PIE about the unique tagging products that they produce for web and sling makers. Etiflex’s plastic tags were invented by it’s owner, a chemist, and are custom blended for each job and are more durable than the competition.

Synthetic rope and chain tags are specifically what Etiflex displayed at the PIE show and they can each be custom laser engraved with relevant information. Another highlighted feature was that of the synthetic web sling tag, in that it stretches so it will not affect the stitching on the tag. Etiflex also makes wire rope tags in any color, which is useful in chemical plants or in the oil industry.

Etiflex also previewed their newest tags, the inspection tags. These allow the customer to keep a five year inspection tag, or a one time inspection record. Also valuable, is that it allows the companies name to be showcased on any incoming web slings that are coming through that are being inspected or certified.

Etiflex has custom solutions for any tagging need in the sling business, and AWRF is pleased to showcase their unique products.