AWRF membership continues to grow! Our membership exceeds 400 companies in 25 countries around the world.

Our membership categories are listed below. We encourage you to review the information below and contact the AWRF office for a membership application.


Regular Member

This category includes Fabricators, Dealers, and Retailers whose primary customers are Consumers or End-Users of the products or services used in our industry. Typically this member will have a swaging machine and certified pull test equipment and be described as a “Rigging Shop”.

Manufacturing Member

This category includes Manufacturers and/or Fabricators whose primary customers are the Fabricators, Dealers, and Retailers described as a “Regular Member” above. A Manufacturing member must have a North American office staffed by either direct employees or personnel under contract to the company.

Non-Manufacturing Member

This category includes any entity whose primary business is wholesale distribution (and not manufacturing or fabrication) of the industry’s products, whose primary customer base is the retailer or distributor of the industry’s products.

Sponsor Member

This category includes any business entity whose primary business is wholesaling, retailing or otherwise dealing in the products of the industry, but not in any way manufacturing and/or fabricating those products or any entity, interested in the industry, not describe in the two categories above.

Members are required to sign this declaration:

  • We understand that the Associated Wire Rope Fabricators are incorporated as a non-profit trade association which is primarily concerned with industries involved in the manufacturing, distribution, development and use of the equipment, techniques, or associated items and services required to lift, hold and position heavy objects.
  • We also understand that the common goals of the A.W.R.F. association are the establishment of the highest possible standards of quality, craftsmanship, and dependable service, and we will support these goals as well as the published Purposes and the Code of Ethics of the association, and policies determined by the Directors.
  • We understand that the acceptance of our application requires a two-thirds majority vote by the Directors and that no qualified candidate will be denied membership arbitrarily, and that all classes of members are extended identical rights and privileges except that retired individuals do not have the right to vote, and that an affiliated member, or group of affiliated members together with the owning member can occupy only one seat on the Board of Directors at any time, a policy inhibiting domination of the Board by one company. (See Notice at Bottom)
  • We understand that at the time of this application, and every year thereafter at the time of the annual dues notice, we will be required to provide proof of Products Liability Insurance in the form of a letter or certificate.
  • Understanding all of the above statements, we have completed and submitted this Application Form hoping to become a member of Associated Wire Rope Fabricators identified by the most nearly appropriate member class (refer to the classes above):