We recently caught up with Zack Parnell, VP and COO of ITI, Industrial Training International, at the Fall 2014 AWRF PIE. ITI is a unique training company based in Woodland, WA whose mission is to be the world’s foremost provider of educational and technical services for those who use cranes, rigging and load handling equipment.

Parnell spoke specifically about ITI’s Rigging and Engineering program, which seeks to bridge the gap for engineers that are new to the field and have very limited knowledge of rigging practices. This program is also geared to seasoned supervisors and superintendents that are not engineers but are involved with various lift plans and arm them with educational knowledge about the various rigging practices.

ITI also has training courses in inspection, equipment, rigging, cranes, and lift planning and management. They also boast extensive on-line learning methods and a bookstore with related training materials. All of AWRF’s members can benefit from Industrial Training International’s services, and we are pleased to have them as a part of our organization.