The AWRF Product and Information Exhibition (PIE) in Ft. Worth TX this past April offered a new product and technology video series. As the seventh segment in this series we spoke with Patrick of RUD Chain ( ) and he introduced us to the VRS StarPoint commonly called a swivel eye bolt. The StarPoint is a RUD first, patented product that aligns to the direction of the pull, eliminating bending common with forged eye bolts.

This product is very popular because it can be side loaded unlike common eye bolts. Angular lifts with eye bolts will significantly lower the capacity of the eye bolt and should be avoided whenever possible. Loads should always be applied to eye bolts in the plane of the eye, not at some angle to this plane. Angular lifts must never be more than a 45 degree pull. The StarPoint does not have these restrictions.

The StarPoint swivels 360 degrees so that it is always aligned to the direction of the pull. The StarPoint key is used to tighten it down. Once it is tightened down remove the key and it will swivel freely to adjust to the rigging without any loss of capacity. Working load limits are clearly marked on the StarPoint body.

Nice job Patrick, thanks for being part of our new product and technology video series.

Swivel Eye Bolts with RUD Chain