AWRF Talks Bandit Lever Hoist and more with Columbus McKinnon

Every eighteen months AWRF holds a Product and Information Exhibit (PIE). This exhibit features the latest products and services available in the Lifting, Rigging and Load Securement Industries. At our last PIE we spoke with Stacie Wingfield & Rodney Reynolds of Columbus McKinnon ( ). They introduced us to some of their new products; the Bandit Lever Hoist, The Sixth Wheel and Dual Rated Attachments.

The Bandit lever hoist is available in ¾ ton – 1 ½ ton units. Stacie says “It’s the smallest and lightest lever hoist CM offers.” This hoist would be ideal for application where the end user has to carry the hoist up scaffoldings or ladders.

The Sixth wheel product is for trailers on the landing gear. It permits the operator to use an ergonomically-correct posture, utilizing body weight while reducing muscle exertion which reduces risk of injury. The Sixth Wheel also has a security pin and cap that are a self-locking security system.

Dual rated alloy attachments work with grade 80 and grade 100 chain. The new dual ratting eliminates confusion for end user. These attachments can be used with either grade 80 or grade 100 alloy steel chain.

Stacie pointed out that all these great new products and more are part of CM’s In-Stock Guarantee. CM will ship within three days or give you 5% off your nest rigging order if they don’t.

Nice job Stacie and Rodney, thanks for being part of our new product and technology video series.