Assembly Specialty Products, a leader in the design, testing and manufacturing of swage wire rope fittings and custom fabricated assemblies is pleased to announce that Steve Konig has joined the team as Chief Operating Officer. Steve brings 25 years of management and team building expertise to ASPI. “His previous role as a business coach and past experience in the industry is a great asset. He was our plant manager back in the 80’s and since that time he has gained considerable knowledge in working with organizations to streamline operations and create cooperation between departments and staff,” comments ASPI President and CEO Attila Nagy. One of his initial projects was to help with an ISO 9001 surveillance audit that not only rendered a perfect score, but demonstrated how to incorporate the ISO policies and standards as a comfortable and effective tool for continuous improvement and growth.

In team building, leadership wants the gift of the extra measure of commitment from their employees. “You can’t make anybody do anything they don’t want to,” says Mr. Konig. “What determines whether a company is good or great in huge part comes from the extra caring and thoughtfulness from employees that prevent errors and spot opportunities for improvement. You can’t buy it; it has to come from within the employee.” If you ask yourself what is necessary for an employee to keep his/her job, the answer is the minimum requirement.

Everything beyond that is a gift. Companies earn that gift by paying attention to employees, listening and demonstrating an appreciation for the gift when it’s received. A small investment of time on the front end also provides an added level of respect and communication when there is a need for correction or discipline. Another valuable step in achieving high performance is teaching employees how to think critically and providing them with the time to be creative. The greater the value of the work performed the more important it is to plan; as mistakes and damaged client relationships become more costly. ASPI is putting processes in place to help all of their employees to become their best and find working at ASPI a rewarding experience. Satisfied employees naturally give the gift of extra commitment and it transfers directly to happy and well-served customers. “Through hard work and with a little luck we have been blessed with a very successful business that has weathered the economic ups and downs of over 40 years in business. Today we find ourselves in an excellent position to tackle new and exciting projects,” said Mr. Nagy.

Assembly Specialty Products is a family owned and operated business providing three generations of excellence in quality, service and reliability since 1971. They have the engineering expertise and machining capabilities in a state-of-the-art facility to design and fabricate almost any type of fitting, wire rope component, or assembly that customers require. Steve Konig is a regular presenter at professional conferences and can provide useful tools and strategies on how to become more effective and successful employees and managers. We are pleased to offer his training workshop services as a resource to the wire rope industry for company meetings and conventions.

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