awrf-blog-series Generally speaking, top 10 lists are easy to read, contain a decent amount of information, and tend to be prevalent during the end of year.

As we go out with the old and embark on the new, here are 10 Facts about OSHA. Just in case you need it for Trivia Pursuit:

  1. OSHA has 7 million workplaces to monitor
  2. 41 Years ago OSHA become an agency of the US Federal Government
  3. President Richard M. Nixon signed the Occupational Safety and Health Act into Law
  4. April 28, 1971 is the official “birthday” of OSHA, the Review Commission and NIOSH
  5. George Guenther was the first Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA
  6. The first five industries targeted by OSHA for safety hazards were marine cargo handling, roofing and sheet metal work, meat and meat products, miscellaneous transportation equipment (primarily mobile homes) and lumber and wood products.
  7. OSHA’s first computer system ran on 1MB of RAM with 40 MB of storage
  8. Including state partners OSHA has 2,00 inspectors responsible for 130 million workers
  9. In 2013 OSHA had a budget of $563,658,000
  10. An average safety inspection takes 22 hours

And they say that knowing is half the battle.

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