Purchase a booth space at our spring Product Information Exhibition held at the Houston Marriott Marquis on April 25, 2022!
(Must be similar to the listing in the AWRF Directory)
This will be AWRF's main point of contact for booth communication.
ALL receipts & information will be sent to this email.

This exhibition space allows for additional booth sizes. You will now have the opportunity to purchase a larger booth. Please select your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd preference from EACH of the drop-down menus below. NOTE: The process for booth selection is still FIRST SUBMITTED - FIRST ASSIGNED. Every effort will be made to make sure exhibitors are comfortable with their booth assignments. The AWRF PIE Committee will make the FINAL designations.
All booth pricing includes STANDARD electricity (5 amps). Prices will stay the same regardless if electricity is required or not. IF YOU REQUIRE MORE THAN STANDARD ELECTRICITY, you MUST get into contact with the hotel's designated AV company.

Product Information Exhibition Rules and Procedures AGREEMENT*

Exhibitor Responsibilities*

ALL AWRF MEMBERSHIP DUES AND INSURANCE CERTIFICATES MUST BE CURRENT TO EXHIBIT. Please make sure (in the coming new year) that you are mindful of your dues notice and payment.

Payment Notice & Agreement*