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When working with an organization recently on their employee retention strategy, I asked the leaders in the company if the organization was successful. They looked at each other thinking it was a trick question. Then one participant said “yeah, we are.” I proceeded to ask him, “If that is the case, why don’t you celebrate your successes with your employees?” They looked at each other and acknowledged that they needed to do so. Generally, their employees only heard when things went wrong and if something needed to be fixed. Unfortunately, that’s the way most organizations are run. 

I’m a huge advocate of continuous improvement. That’s the only way we get better and survive in today’s competitive world. However, the other way to get better is building employee loyalty, passion, and engagement by celebrating the successes you do have. Winning, and celebrating the win is essential. Otherwise, all you’re ever doing is beating down your employees. That doesn’t help encourage winning. In fact, studies actually show that high-performing teams hear five positives for every one negative. Reinforcing the positives/wins is crucial to being a high-performing organization. 

There are lots of things that an organization can celebrate. They include: 

  1. • A record sales year 
  2. • Acquiring a large customer
  3. • Safety records 
  4. • Hitting key quality and productivity metrics 
  5. • Hiring of new employees
  6. • Retirements, anniversaries and promotions

The list is endless, and they are all good things that your people have done or accomplishments that they have achieved. Celebrating success is an integral part of giving your employees C.R.A.P. (Caring, Respect, Appreciation, and Praise). 

These celebrations demonstrate that you appreciate your employee’s accomplishments and are a great way to show appreciation and to praise them. This is important stuff because there are a multitude of studies out there that employees in general do not feel appreciated. When people don’t feel appreciated what do they do? They either quit, become disengaged, or worse yet get angry and poison the positive culture you are trying to build. Instead, when you celebrate successes, people love it and want more of it. 

Celebrating success will put you on a path of positive reinforcement as opposed to beating your employees over the head to get them to do things for you. That’s why celebrating successes is essential if you want to have a workforce that is fired up and helps you to thrive and build the bottom line. As I always say; your job is to Give Your Employees C.R.A.P ® A key ingredient in C.R.A.P is to celebrate success!